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Hey Guy

Wednesday, May 08
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm
$8 / Day Of : $10

After hundreds of raucous, theatrical and certainly
memorable shows spanning the globe, Boris Pelekh,
guitarist of Gogol Bordello hits the road with his side-
project and provocative new band Hey Guy.

Keeping with an expressive sonic approach and
stage presence the aptly named Hey Guy is as bold
and memorable as their name; a modern rock act
with equal parts ferocity and finesse. Their catchy
songs are cunningly layered, exhibiting a knack for
uncanny melodies coupled with fierce riffs and
sprawling atmospherics. With that Hey Guy will be
touring their new record “You’re Perfect” which delivers
a spectrum of innovative and genre bending songs…
Imagine if the Beach Boys jammed with Deftones…and
you’ve got a party courtesy of Hey Guy.

With a live show that blends composed musicianship
amidst carefully crafted chaotic theatrics, Hey Guy is
garnering popular acclaim in the world as the new face
of Rock ‘n’ Roll

…and Hey Guy’s message is simple
“you’re perfect. Disarm your fears and
rejoice in your life.”